POWER Rub with some of the Spice and Herb Superfoods


Our sincere “Thanks” to all who help spread the word about delicious and healthier cooking with Superfoods. Below are Quotes from Chefs and Customers around the world. In 2014, we challenged Food Bloggers to come up with their own Recipes using HEROIC! A special Blogger Recipes Section will be added soon, to be searchable in our Recipe Index.



“To call this a “BBQ rub” is a little limiting. To be honest, it’s one of the most delectable, delicious, and easy-to-use spice blends I’ve ever tried. I add it to my eggs at breakfast, candied almonds for salads and snacks, French fries, roasts, steaks, popcorn…”

-The Aliso Kitchen- Top 5 Favorite Spice Blends


“It has it’s place in the BBQ arsenal it’s definitely worth having.Its nice having a number of different options when trying new recipes”

M. Marshall Hawk (Yuba City)” Amazon.com *****


“Not only does it enhance whatever I cook but it’s healthy! I recently tried the rub with a couple of flank steaks and it was very fulfilling.”

Joseph Delgado Amazon.com *****


“We are still hearing about how awesome the burgers were at our event. You guys rock… Plus those pickles were amazing. Too thumbs up. Your seasoning is world class!!!!!”

Myesha Morrison

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaGoldBBQRubs

“The seasoning was great guys… MAY THE POWER BE WITH YOU!!!”

Smokin’ Sow BBQ  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaGoldBBQRubs


HEROIC! in 2.5 oz. and 5 oz. sizes.


“…With the principles of Feng Shui you too can enjoy the benefits of creativity, energy, stability, motivation, power, wealth, and good health. Keeping a well- stocked supply of spices herbs and rubs Like California Gold BBQ Rubs HEROIC! is a good way to get you kitchen “chi” on.”

-Rosanna Baicich Gibbons R.D.MS. Nutritionist/ Corporate Wellness Coach


“I can truly say it gave the chicken and ribs a flavor like I’ve never had. I was like a flavor party in my mouth. Basting the meat while cooking just made the flavors more intense and using the dipping sauce kicked the taste and flavor up another notch. It was never too strong or overbearing, not too sweet or salty. Make sure you get yourself some HEROIC and try it today!

-Pigskin Barbeque


“California Gold BBQ Rubs has developed an amazing… okay, “Heroic”… product that is not only gluten free but also salt free, sugar free, all natural, and tastes great, too.

The latest BBQ sauce and seasoning mix from California Gold BBQ Rubs is a rich-tasting, and extremely versatile product.  The blend of herbs and spices not only provides a natural and non-chemical way to flavor your meats and veggies, but can even make an awesome salt-free and sugar-free and fat-free alternative topping for anything from popcorn to potato chips. It can also be mixed with wet ingredients to create a BBQ sauce or marinade.”

-Wheat Freely


LINKS- Make Your World a Better Place to Eat

Website- http://www.californiagoldrub.com/

Amazon.com- http://www.amazon.com/HEROIC-BBQ-Gluten-Free-Added/dp/B00IEEYCNA

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