Grilled Ribeye with Pommes Grilles.


As a fictional Superhero, California Gold BBQ Rubs’ company mascot TasteeBQ has written posts from Europe, Central America and all over the United States. Google “TasteeBQ” for his fun Recipe/Stories. Behind the scenes, we really have traveled the world in search of the most delicious Superfoods. Cocoa, Cinnamon and Ginger were discovered on a Cacao plantation in Costa Rica, where they were used as medicine. Thyme was found in some of the best dishes served in Paris and London. Red Bell Pepper came to our attention at traditional Haitian and Spanish restaurants in Miami. Garlic- well, you’ll find Garlic used in foods all over the Planet.

BBQ Rubs are simply pre-measured combinations of Herbs and Spices. They save you time from raiding your kitchen Spice Rack for dry herbs that were fresh a couple of years back. POWER Rub has a very small amount of Sea Salt and Sugar, for those who can handle it. The new HEROIC! Rub is all-natural with no added Salt or Sugar. Use them both as a background Symphony of Flavor. You can choose to add one or more “Star” ingredients to take dishes where you want them to go.

Grilled Steak with Pommes Grilles

Bring home these flavors from France. Instead of Deep Frying them 2 times, you can make delicious Potato Fries right on the Grill. This is a great recipe for Bastille Day or any day of the year.

1  6-10 oz. Ribeye or New York Strip (per person)

Large Red Potatoes (1/2 or 1 per person, depending in size)

White Onion

Bell Pepper (Red, Yellow and/or Green)

Grape or Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Garlic (chopped)

Fresh or Dry Thyme

Fresh or Dry Rosemary


Olive Oil


Salt and Pepper (to taste)

1. Prepare 8-10 oz. of Ribeye or New York Strip per person. Slice large Red Potatoes and White Onions into 1” slices. Cut Red, Yellow and/or Green Bell Peppers in half, removing seeds. Provide a few Grape or Cherry Tomatoes for each person.

2. Marinate Steak and Vegetables (separately) for at least 1/2 hour with Olive Oil and generous amount of BBQ Rub. Massage Steak with fresh chopped Garlic. Mix chopped fresh Rosemary into marinades.

3. Grill Slices of Potatoes and Veggies on lower heat. Note- Potatoes will take longer to cook (30-40 mins.) so start them early. They are done when soft in middle and crispy outside. Cut into 1/2 inch Fries. Slice Onions and Peppers into strips, and mix together. Keep warm.

4. Grill Steaks to desired doneness. Add Tomatoes to Grill for last 3 minutes of cooking.

5. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Butter with Thyme, BBQ Rub and Chopped Garlic. Melt into Veggies, over Fries and put a dollop on each Steak.

Serve and Enjoy.

Courtesy of California Gold BBQ Rubs- www.


California Gold BBQ Rubs on

POWER (Lower Salt and Sugar)–10oz/dp/B00CVCMR88

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