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Grilled Steak Taco Wraps are delicious and Gluten-Free.


As you may know, there’s lots of Buzz in today’s Media on the Gluten-Free (GF) Food Movement. Not just for people with Celiac’s Disease. Health Enthusiasts are also embracing the GF Lifestyle. At least it helps them avoid the White Flour products that Nutritionists have advised against for years. Even one of Oprah’s Diets mentioned it in the ’90s.

HEROIC!’s first big public event was the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest in San Diego (May 2014). People were excited to find a GF product (with Superfoods!) that actually tastes better than the mainstream BBQ Rubs at the big stores. They were also pleased that HEROIC! contains No Added Salt or Sugar. It tastes great added to pre-seasoned Foods and Snacks. Cooking with HEROIC!, you are free to use whatever amount and type of Sodium/Sweetener that you choose.

The L.A. Times Daily Dish wrote about the event is an article called Gluten-Free Isn’t Necessarily Healthful, Speakers Say.

Many children on restricted diets feel left out at birthday parties or school. “There are so many delicious and healthful ways to solve the problem if you are not aiming for an exact replacement,” says Kristine Kidd

The article reports that many new GF products (like Muffins) contain no nutritional value, and are still laden with Salt and Sugar. Our General Manager- Mick Brown,  replied with the following Comment:

Thanks for thought-provoking article. If I may add something to topic. I was an exhibitor at the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest in San Diego last weekend. Talked to so many people who described when they were diagnosed with Celiac’s and how a Gluten Free (GF) diet has helped them. It is a very real thing. As for it being a new trend, Nutritionists have been warning the fitness-minded away from white flour, starches and sugar for years, including a dieting Oprah in the ’90s. It just that they have a new name for it now- “Gluten Free”. See WebMD article on “White Foods”
Finally, your discussion of new GF products with nutritional ingredients may have overlooked my booth. Our new HEROIC! BBQ Herb and Spice Blend by California Gold BBQ Rubs (a local L.A. company) has No Added Salt, Sugar or Preservatives and contains “Superfoods”, which are considered beneficial in cultures all over the world (if not by the FDA). It can be used on Snack foods like Chips and Popcorn, as well as Veggies and Meats. I hope you will looks us up when you have a chance.

In the end, California Gold BBQ Rubs have been developed to be enjoyed by everyone. These blends of beneficial Herbs and Spices are Gluten-Free, so they can also be used by those with Celiac’s. As we build these new Recipe Pages, we will do our best to point out GF adjustments where possible in the Recipes.

Use this Link to find where some of the Gluten Free Alternatives are offered. While enjoying our Rub products, feel free to explore all Recipes for Tips on Healthier and Delicious Cooking.


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